Party Poker Unleashes Their Brand New Super Sign Up Bonus

Published on 2008-09-12 21:27:07

company logo - party poker - super sign-up bonus - promotionOne of the areas in which Party Poker has always been lacking is in their sign-up bonuses. The company has always relied on their well-known brand and aggressive marketing in order to lure in new clients. However, in this new hyper-competitive environment (which has seen their market share dip), Party Poker has been forced to adjust their bonus policy and offer new customers much more lucrative sign-up bonuses, in order to attract new clients.

Just recently, Party Poker announced that they would be offering new customers a Super Sign Up Bonus. This new bonus is similar to the bonuses that are offered by rooms such as Full Tilt Poker. It is a partial release bonus, which means that you "work off" the bonus as you play at Party Poker's real money tables. Here is how it works:

You are a new player, and have just downloaded Party Poker's software for the first time. When you are making your way through the registration process, Party Poker will ask you if you have a sign up Party Poker Bonus Code. At this point, you will enter KINGBONUS in order to qualify for the "Super Sign Up Bonus".

Now, Party Poker will award you a bonus of up to 100% of your initial deposit amount, up to a maximum of $500. So, if you deposit $200, then you will be eligible for a bonus of $200. If you deposit $500, then you will be eligible for a bonus of $500.

This bonus is available in two different currencies: USD and GBP (the British Pound). As mentioned, there is a maximum bonus available of $500 for the USD. For the pound, the maximum available bonus is 250 pounds. You need to deposit a minimum of $25 USD or 15 GBP in order to qualify for the bonus.

Now, as mentioned, this is a partial release bonus. You have up to 90 days to "work off" the bonus.

How do you work off the bonus? By accumulating Party Poker, which are earned by playing at real money tables (cash games, MTTs, SNGs).

The bonus will be awarded to you in 20% increments, similar to other sites. So let's say that you deposit $200, and would be eligible for a $200 bonus. In order to earn the full bonus, you would need to accumulate 5x the bonus amount in Party Points. So in this case, you would need to earn 1000 bonus points in order to receive your full bonus.

For each 200 points that you earn, you would receive 20% of your bonus (which would be $40). This amount will be automatically deposited into your account.

This is all part of Party Poker's strategy of bringing in more new players through aggressive bonus offerings - and it's about time. You just need to remember a few things:

1. You only have 90 days to "work off" the bonus.
2. The bigger your initial deposit, the bigger the potential bonus.
3. You need to enter KINGBONUS while signing up in order to qualify.

Good luck at the tables!