The Party Poker Bonus Explained

Published on 2009-01-11 04:22:00

new bonus offers at party pokerWe thought that we would continue our recent series of articles and explain to our users exactly how the Party Poker bonus works.

Party Poker recently released a brand-new bonus offer for new players called the "Super Sign-Up Bonus". This is a 100% initial deposit bonus of up to $500. Here is how it works:

First off, it is important to note that this bonus is ONLY available to new depositors on the site. If you have already deposited money onto Party Poker, then you will not be eligible to take advantage of this offer.

This is a matching bonus, which means that Party Poker will match the size of your initial deposit up to a maximum of $500.

So if you deposit $125, then you would receive a bonus of $125.

If you deposited $300, then you would receive a bonus of $300.

Note: with Party Poker, you must deposit at least $25 in order to qualify for the "Super Sign-Up" bonus.

Note II: In order to qualify for the "Super Sign-Up" bonus, you must enter KINGBONUS when prompted for a bonus code during the sign-up process. If you don't, then you might get stuck with a sub-par 30% bonus offer of up to $150.

Once you have deposited money onto the site, you will be given up to 90 days to fully clear your bonus. Any unearned bonus will be forfeited at this time. 90 days is usually more than enough time to clear a bonus.

Bonuses are "earned" through participation in real-money cash games, MTTs and SNGs.

For every dollar in bonuses that you are entitled you, you must earn five times that amount in PartyPoints in order to unlock the bonus.

So, if you are eligible for a $500 bonus, then you must earn 2500 PartyPoints in order to fully earn your bonus.

Bonuses are released in 20% increments. So, if you deposit $100 and are eligible for a $100 bonus, then you would receive your bonus in $20 increments. In this situation, you would receive a $20 bonus payout after earning 100 PartyPoints.

Don't forget to enter KINGBONUS when signing up in order to qualify for the "Super Sign-Up Bonus".