Party Poker and American Players - What Does The Future Hold?

Published on 2009-04-17 04:19:03 and american players - what is next?If you are an American poker player who used to play at Party Poker (before they pulled out of the US market), then you probably longingly remember the days when you used to be able to play at the site.

And chances are, you wish that those days would come back.

The fish. The Sunday tournaments. The cartoonish software.

Party Poker wasn't the most technologically advanced online poker room in the world, but they were absolutely teeming with bad players and fun tournaments.

News broke last week that PartyGaming (the parent company of Party Poker) had settled with the US government.

Many people were now asking the question - what does this mean for American players going forward? Will Party Poker now return to the US market after signing this settlement with the US government?

The answer: no and yes.

No, this agreement does not mean that Party Poker will immediately return to the US market. This settlement does nothing to change the current laws in the United States.

But yes, this settlement very likely means that Party Poker will return to the US market sometime in the future.

If and when online poker is regulated and licensed in the United States, Party Poker will surely be one of the first companies to be granted a license to operate in the US.

So, you might be wondering - what happens when Party Poker does return to the US market?

We have been told by representatives high up in Party Poker that if and when this happens (regulation and licensing), all of the currently dormant accounts will be automatically re-opened.

American customers who currently have accounts at Party Poker will be emailed and invited back to Party Poker.

And I would imagine that there will be some pretty big Welcome Back bonuses dished out by the company as well, in an effort to lure back their most valuable customers (which are American players).

Not only do Americans play a great deal of poker, but they also attract other non-US players.

In my opinion, regulation and licensing of the industry in the United States is likely to take place over the next 1-3 years. This is my best guess. I might be wrong, but I believe that this is where we are headed.

Let's keep our fingers crossed.