Unlocking The Party Poker Bonus - Your Questions Answered

Published on 2009-05-20 12:28:24

party poker bonus code unlockWe receive many questions about how different bonuses work on a daily basis.

One of the most popular requests is in regards to Party Poker's new bonus, which is called the "Super Sign-Up" bonus.

This is a fairly new bonus that Party Poker implemented just a few short months ago in an attempt to make themselves more competitive.

Previous to the implementation of their "Super Sign-Up" bonus, Party Poker offered a 30% bonus of up to $150.

$150 is a strong bonus, however it paled in comparison to some of the others that were being offered throughout the industry (namely, the Full Tilt Poker 100% bonus of up to $600 offer).

When Jim Ryan took over as the new CEO of PartyGaming, one of the first changes that he implemented was to greatly enhance the size of Party Poker's initial sign-up bonus.

Out went the old 30% bonus of up to $150, and it came the new 100% bonus of up to $500.

The "Super Sign-Up" bonus is a matching bonus of up to $500.

This means that Party Poker will match the size of your INITIAL deposit on the site, up to a maximum of $500.

So, if you elect to deposit $125, then you would be eligible for a matching bonus of $125.

If you decided to deposit $500 or more, then you would be eligible for the entire $500 bonus.

Now, you may be wondering - why would PartyGaming give out such large bonuses? Surely there must be a catch?

There is no catch, other than the fact that you must earn the bonus by playing on the site.

Other than that, the bonuses are used to lure in new customers, and are a necessary expense for any online poker room.

How do you make yourself eligible for this bonus offer?


1. Download the Party Poker software.

2. Enter the bonus code of PK500 during the sign-up process (you will be prompted for a "Party Poker bonus code").

3. Deposit real money onto the site (remember to make your first deposit count).

4. Play at real money tables.

Now, Party Poker gives you 90 days to earn as much of the bonus as you possibly can. At the end of this 90 day period, any unearned bonus money will be forfeited.

How do you "earn" this bonus? Simple, by playing at real-money cash game tables, SNGs and MTTs.

Party Poker will give you "Party Points" for every hand of a real-money cash game that you are involved in, or every $1 in tournament or SNG entry fees that you pay.

The faster that you earn your Party Points, the faster that you will earn your bonus.

Bonuses are released in 20% increments. So, if you are eligible for a bonus of $200, then you would receive your bonus in $40 increments.

There are no limits as to how many tables that you can play at once. The more tables that you play (real money, of course), the faster you will earn your bonus.

Some important points to remember before depositing:

1. The size of your FIRST deposit is what determines the size of your bonus. Any subsequent bonuses won't count towards your bonus.

2. After you have earned your bonus, you can do whatever you like with the money (withdraw, keep playing, etc).

3. The bigger the deposit, the more bonus money that you can earn. Keep this in mind.

4. You have a limited amount of time (90 days) to earn your bonus money, so make sure that you aren't planning any vacations during that time.

Remember to enter the bonus code of PK500 when signing up to earn your bonus of up to $500!