The Best Party Poker Bonus Code

Published on 2009-05-26 01:40:16

super signup bonus marketing promotion code - party pokerParty Poker didn't introduce their "Super Sign-Up" bonus until recently.

For years, Party Poker was the largest online poker room in the world. Just as is the case with Pokerstars now, Party Poker didn't need to offer a competitive sign-up bonus in order to entice people to sign up and deposit on their site - customers came regardless.

Once Party Poker pulled out of the US market, they had to make a change or risk losing a great deal of their player base. Let's be honest - people want to play at the busiest rooms. When Full Tilt Poker and Pokerstars elected to continue serving the US market, Party Poker had a problem. Not only did they lose a large percentage of their client base, but they also offered an inferior bonus.

This recently changed with the introduction of their new "Super Sign-Up" bonus.

Before, the standard Party Poker bonus was 30% up to a maximum of $150.

$150 is fine and dandy, however it paled in comparison to the maximum of $600 that Full Tilt Poker was offering.

Party Poker needed to make a change, and they did.

The company made the decision to increase their initial sign-up bonus up to $500.

This is a matching bonus, meaning that Party Poker will match the size of your initial deposit up to a maximum of $500.

How do you qualify for this bonus? Simple.

During the sign-up process, you will be prompted for a "Party Poker bonus code".

Simply enter PK500 at this point, and you will be eligible for the best possible bonus of up to $500.

Beware of older bonus codes that haven't been updated - the PK500 code is valid as of today's date, and is the best possible code that you can use.

After entering the code, all you have to do to qualify for your bonus is to deposit real money onto the site.

Remember that the size of your initial deposit determines the size of your bonus, so please make sure that it counts.

Other than that, don't forget the golden rule - have fun!

Best Party Poker Bonus Code -- PK500