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Published on 2009-08-21 18:26:30

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Did you know that Party Poker recently upgraded their initial deposit bonus offer?

It's true - in the past, Party Poker used to offer an inferior 30% bonus of up to $150.

Other sites, namely Full Tilt Poker, were able to gain a tremendous amount of market share due to their undeniably stronger offers.

However, a new CEO at Partygaming has brought new changes.

One of the first changes that he instituted was significantly upgrading the size of Party Poker's sign-up bonus.

Out is the old 30% bonus offer of up to $150.

In is the new "Super Sign-up Bonus", which is a significantly improved 100% offer of up to $500.

This is your typical initial deposit bonus offer, which means that Party Poker will release your bonus in increments as you continue to play in real money cash games, SNGs and MTTs.

For more information on how the Party Poker bonus offer works, please visit our Party Poker Bonus Code page.

Now, the important question that you are likely wondering - how do I qualify for this impressive bonus offer?

It's simple.

First off, download the Party Poker software.

Second, during the sign-up process, you will be prompted for a "Party Poker Bonus Code" or "Party Poker Coupon Code".


Next up, you need to deposit real money onto the site in order to qualify for your bonus.

Keep in mind that the size of your INITIAL deposit determines the size of your overall bonus, so please make sure that it counts!

Party Poker Coupon Code -- KINGBONUS