September 2009 Party Poker Bonus Code

Published on 2009-08-30 12:37:57

-- september 2009 - partypoker marketing bonus code --Sept 2009 Party Poker Bonus Code - KINGBONUS

Party Poker has been making a concerted effort to grow their customer base over the past year or so, and you need to be taking advantage of the situation.

What is one of the best and quickest ways for an online poker room to grow their client base?

You guessed it - by significantly increasing the size of their initial deposit bonus.

I mean - who doesn't want the opportunity to earn up to $500 in free bonus money? That is exactly what Party Poker is offering its customers right now.

Back in the old days, before Party Poker pulled out of the United States, the biggest sign-up bonus that they offered was a 30% bonus of up to $150.

They didn't need to offer a bigger bonus because they were already the largest online poker world in the world, and basically untouchable.

That was then, and this is now.

Party Poker is no longer the largest online poker room in the world, though they would certainly like to be.

They recently introduced their "Super Sign-up" bonus, which is their opening salvo in the way to attract more clients.

The "Super Sign-up" bonus is an initial 100% deposit bonus of up to $500, and it is available to you if you deposit in September.

How do you qualify for this bonus?

Simple. Simply enter KINGBONUS when prompted for a "Party Poker Bonus Code" during the process of signing up for an account. This will guarantee that you qualify for the ridiculously large bonus. Make sure that you enter this bonus code as it is good for all of September 2009.

After you have qualified for your bonus, you then need to earn it (much easier than it sounds, you just need to play poker). For details as to how you "earn" your bonus on Party Poker, please visit our Party Poker Bonus Code page.

Party Poker gives all of its new clients a 90 day window in which they can earn as much of their bonus money as possible. This is usually more than enough time, even for the most casual of weekend players.

Remember - the size of your INITIAL deposit on Party Poker determines the size of your bonus, so keep this in mind.

September is a great time to deposit on Party Poker. There is a tremendous amount of activity taking place in the poker world in September, which means that there should be plenty of great games on the site.

Best of luck on the tables, and don't forget to maximize the size of your initial deposit bonus!!

September 2009 Party Poker Bonus Code - KINGBONUS