Party Poker - Sunday Bike Ride

Published on 2011-05-31 23:00:00

The Sunday Bike Ride with Tony G at Party Poker - Use KINGBONUS as your bonus code and get up to $500 freeEvery Sunday at 16:00 ET, Party Poker members have a chance to go against the poker legend Tony G in a $1,500 bounty tournament.

Bounty tournament is a tournament where, in addition to tournament winnings, a special prize is awarded to the person who eliminates a particular player, in this case Tony G.

Tony G promises to be sending you all "on yer bike," but if you do manage to knock him out there is a pretty sweet prize waiting - a free seat in the Summer Million. To give you a sense of value for the free seat, Summer Million direct buy-in is $600 + $40.

Tony G promises not to take part in the Summer Million tournament "To make it fair for everyone else" he says, but he does send a clear message for the Sunday Bike Ride participants, "See you soon donkeys - I'm gonna take everything you have!"

Entry to the Sunday Bike Ride tournament is 25 points.

For more details about the Sunday Bike Ride, how to sign up and the list of additional tournament prizes please visit the Party Poker website.

Good luck!