PartyPoker Bankroll Booster

Published on 2011-08-14 20:35:00

PartyPoker Bankroll Booster promotionPartyPoker has long been one of the biggest names in the online poker industry, and it has played a vital role in defining our modern online poker experience. Now that parent company PartyGaming has joined forces with bwin, becoming bwin.Party Digital Entertainment, the expectations from the online gambling community are huge.

Fortunately, PartyPoker has never been one to shy away from great expectations.

So one of the ways that PartyPoker is rising up to meet those giant expectations is by providing tournaments, promotions, bonuses and loyalty rewards that are bigger and better than anything they have done before.

It is in that spirit that PartyPoker proudly announced their all-new $5,000 Bankroll Booster. Here's how it works:

PartyPoker sponsors a $5,000 Bankroll Booster tournament every Sunday at 2:30 ET.

Entry is free, but you do have to qualify. PartyPoker provides four distinct qualification options:

- Make a deposit using the promo code BOOSTER
- Earn 5 Party Points
- Earn 1 Party Point in daily qualifiers
- Finish Top 50 in the free daily qualifiers available for new real-money players


The easiest way to gain entry into the $5,000 Bankroll Booster is to make a deposit, any deposit. The minimum deposit is usually only $10.

Five Party Points

PartyPoker has a loyalty reward system that lets you earn points whenever you pay a tournament buy-in or are in on the action when they rake. Collect just five of these PPs, which is extremely easy to do, and you are in.

Daily Qualifiers

Earn just one point in a daily qualifier (finish Top 25). Qualifiers run at 9:45am, 2:45pm and 8:45pm ET M-F.

Free Daily Qualifiers

Finish in the Top 50 in any free daily qualifier for new real-money players, which run at 1:45pm and 7:45pm ET M-F

The all-new $5,000 Bankroll Booster tournaments from PartyPoker are extremely lucrative. They are also simple and free to enter, so what are you waiting for? Get started right away. Promotions this good don't come along often.

New players at PartyPoker receive a welcome bonus of up to $500 free. Enter bonus code 'KINGBONUS' during signup to make sure you qualify.

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Good luck!