How to Earn PartyPoints

Published on 2011-09-02 09:14:00

PartyPoker Palladium Rewards - PromoThe versatility and lucrativeness of a loyalty program is what determines the true value of an online poker cardroom. A strong reward program allows you to earn at least 10-15% back on every dollar you wager.

The savvy and regular poker player can do even better than that in the right system, which is why PartyPoker has always been so popular. In fact, clients can earn as much as 50% cash back on their portion of every rake.

Palladium Rewards

Palladium Rewards aims to give back to the player at every level of play, and this is what distinguishes it from other programs. PartyPoker offers a simpler system, more cash, better bonus options and greater reward levels.


PartyPoints are the currency of the Palladium Rewards system. Players earn PartyPoints immediately on all real-money player, and they can spend those points in the PartyPoker Points Store, or convert them into cash.

How to Earn PartyPoints

- Players earn PartyPoints on ALL real-money action (including private tables)
- Players earn PartyPoints at ALL Party brands (PartyPoker, PartyCasino, PartyBets, PartyGammon and PartyBingo)
- PartyPoker awards 2 PartyPoints for each $1 the house rakes
- PartyPoker awards 2 PartyPoints for each $1 the player spends in tournament buy-in fees

PartyPoints Reward Levels

PartyPoker players earn additional cash back and poker bonuses based on their reward level. All players start at the Bronze level, and then work their way up based on how many PartyPoints they accumulate in a month or quarter.

- Bronze
- Silver: 400 PartyPoints/month
- Gold: 1,000 PartyPoints/month
- Palladium: 9,000 PartyPoints/quarter
- Palladium Elite: 40,000 PartyPoints/quarter