PartyPoker - Card Rush

Published on 2012-01-26 18:48:00

Party Poker - Card Rush Promotion GraphicPartyPoker is one of the most popular card rooms online, and its rich client reward programs are a big part of that success. PartyPoker's most recent promotion, Card Rush, is creating a great deal of buzz and excitement.

How It Works

PartyPoker has created 1.8 million Card Rush "prize cards." All you have to do is collect one of them to become an instant winner. All PartyPoker clients are welcome to participate, and can collect as many as 50 cards each day.

Collecting a card is simple: Earn 15 PartyPoints. That's it. Once you do, you automatically earn a prize card, and all those PartyPoints remain valid for all other purposes. Cards are instant winners and worth cash, freerolls and more.

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Claiming Prizes

As a goodwill bonus from PartyPoker, each participant earns his or her first card at only 5 points. Once you've earned enough points, visit your account in the software, claim your card, and scratch it to reveal your instant prize.

Available Prizes

- PartyPoints: 10 25,000
- Cash: $1 $5,000
- Freeroll: $2,000 $20,000
- Card Rush Race Points: 1 - 20

What are PartyPoints?

PartyPoints are the currency of the PartyPoker loyalty system. Every time a player pays tourney fees or contributes to a pot in a ring game, they earn PartyPoints. Players can convert PartyPoints into cash and merchandise.

What is the Card Rush Race?

Throughout the Card Rush promotion, there's a leaderboard. Every time a player scratches a card to reveal Card Rush Race Points, it affects their position. At the end of the event, prizes will range from $50 to $9,000.

When It Is

Card Rush commences on Wednesday, February 1. It might end on Tuesday, February 28. However, there are "only" 1.8 million cards available. PartyPoker will generate no more, so as soon as they're gone, the promotion ends.

How to Participate

All you need to participate in the PartyPoker Card Rush promotion is a valid account. If you don't have an account, this is a good time to start. Take advantage of welcome bonuses, start earning PartyPoints and collecting prize cards.