Titan Turbo 2012

Published on 2012-02-08 12:20:00

Titan Turbo Ad PosterTitan Turbo is a rich, fast-paced, high-octane Titan Poker promotion that awards cash and prizes to players participating in ring games. All Titan Turbo bonuses are additional to all other money won during those cash games.

The Titan Turbo promotion starts on Wednesday, February 1, and it continues through Leap Day, Wednesday, February 29. There is $8,000 in total prize money available, and Titan Poker will award $2,000 of it each week.

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How Titan Turbo Works

Titan Turbo is essentially a leaderboard for ring games. Another way to look at it is as a cash race. Play in any ring games. Each time you win a hand, Titan Poker will add the amount of those winnings to your leaderboard score.

Most online poker promotions reward participation. Titan Turbo, on the other hand, only rewards winning. So if you play strong, and Lady Luck is at your side, you can win a great deal of money with very little of your own at stake.

Titan Turbo Schedule

Titan Turbo has two separate groups for each race. Group A has a prize pool of $500, and it is for games with stakes equal to or less than $0.50/$1.00. Group B is for all other games, and it has a prize pool of $1,500.

The leaderboard resets every Wednesday at midnight, and each race runs through Saturday. Titan Poker will distribute the $2,000 shortly after the races ends. Monday and Tuesday are off days, for Titan Turbo at least.

Payout Structure

In both Group A and Group B, the top twenty win: First place wins $375/$125; Second place wins $255/$85; Third place wins $150/$50; Fourth place wins $120/$40; Fifth place wins $90/$30; Last place wins $7.50/$2.50.

How to Participate

Have a valid Titan Poker account. If you don't have one, register. Once registered, opt in to the Titan Turbo 2012 promo via the client. A deposit is not required, but you'll need enough money to play some hands in the ring games.

That's all there is to it. Titan Poker is one of the best card rooms online, and Titan Turbo is a perfect opportunity for ring-game players to experience that for themselves. Good luck! We look forward to seeing you at the tables.