Public Service Announcement: Always Maximize The Size of Your Initial Deposit

Published on 2014-03-17 18:32:00

The King is cleaning his glasses ahead of a Vegas online poker nightOne of the most frustrating things that I encounter is when people initially deposit a tiny bit of money on a site to "test it out".

This is all well and good, but you need to realize that the size of your bonus is directly tied to the size of your initial deposit.

Well, the unfortunate thing is that now you are only able to collect a total bonus of $100, while there was another $900 in free bonus money available to you. That is $900 that could have gone straight into your bankroll with a bit of play.


Instead of "testing a site out" with a very small initial deposit, I would recommend taking this different route instead.

First, test out the site using their play money tables. In addition, most sites will offer up numerous weekly freerolls that offer small amounts of cash to the top finishers. Play in these as well just to test out the site. Navigate around the lobby, test out the tables, etc.

Do this for a couple of weeks. By this point, you will have a good feel as to whether or not you like the site.

If you DO like the site, you can now deposit with confidence. Instead of depositing $50, you can deposit $500 to qualify for the ENTIRE initial deposit bonus of $1,000. This means that you aren't leaving any free money on the table, and this extra $900 can go straight towards your bankroll.


That's the smart way to do things!