Why Do Poker Rooms Give Out Reload Bonuses?

Published on 2014-03-22 01:51:00

Bonus Sign - IllustrationWhy do online poker rooms give out reload bonuses, you may ask?

The reason is simple - they want people to play on their sites.

Many online poker rooms will try and detect when former regulars are no longer playing on their site. These regulars likely contributed a tremendous amount of rake over their lives, and the online poker rooms will do just about anything to get them back.

The answer? Reload bonuses! What better way to tempt a player back into the fold than to give them the opportunity to earn some free bonus money.

In addition, let's say that a site is hosting some sort of a big annual online poker tournament. This site wants as many players as possible (as it will contribute to their rake and their public relations campaigns), so they will usually offer some sort of a reload bonus to all of their current customers.

The motive is obvious - come back and play on our site, and while you're at it, sign up for our big online poker tournament as well.


You really need to keep an eye on reload bonuses, as sites will offer them quite regularly. This is one of the advantages of having accounts set up at multiple sites - you can easy hop from site to site while taking advantage of the different loyalty or reload bonuses that are offered. You are not doing anything against the rules by doing that - if sites are offering the money, why not take it?