Why Do Poker Rooms Limit Bonuses To One Bonus Per Household?

Published on 2014-03-24 20:59:00

One Bonus per Household Only - IllustrationLet's say that you and your wife both play online poker. Your wife has an account at an online poker room and has already earned her initial deposit bonus.

You decide that you are going to sign up for an account at this room as well. You enter all of your details and go to claim your bonus when you are told that you will be unable to earn a bonus, as somebody in your household has already taken advantage of the offer.

What gives?

In an effort to counter the massive amount of fraud that they have to deal with on a daily basis, online poker rooms will almost always limit bonus offers to one per family and one per shared computer.

So, if your wife has already taken advantage of the bonus offer, you will be out of luck at that particular room.

Or, let's say that you live together with a room-mate. You guys are tight on cash, so you share a computer in the living room.

According to the rules of most online poker rooms, you would be unable to both qualify for a bonus at the same room, due to the fact that you share a computer. If you both wanted to qualify for a bonus, you would need your own addresses and computers.

This policy may seem a bit unfair, but you can blame fraudsters for these strict policies. Imagine how much the online poker rooms would lose if they didn't institute these policies.


Most online poker rooms are quite fair - if you feel like the policy is unfair, simply send their customer service representatives an email to see what can be done.