Bet365 Bonus Offer For Canadian Customers

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Bet365 is one of the 800 pound gorillas of the online gaming industry.

The King presents - Bet365 Bonus Code for Canada - THEKING

Bet365 hasn't been in existence for nearly as long as some of their fiercest competitors, though they have managed to amass a massive customer base by giving their customers exactly what they want - an excellent suite of games, outstanding customer service and a dedication to excellence.

Canada is one of Bet365's most important markets, which is why they have a first deposit offer that will appeal to all of their new Canadian business. In addition, Bet365 is one of the few online gaming companies that will let you deposit and withdraw in Canadian dollars.


Bet365, which got their start back in 2000, is now one of the world's largest online gaming firms. The company is active in nearly every country in the world and has one of the best reputations in the industry.


Bet365 is currently offering all of its new customers the opportunity to earn a 100% bonus of up to 150 CAD when you first deposit on the site. Qualifying for this bonus is very easy - simply follow these steps and you will qualify yourself for the best possible bonus offer:

1) During the sign-up process, click this link to reveal the bonus code that will give you the best available bonus offer that is currently available to Canadian players. This deal applies to all Canadians who are new customers of Bet365.

2) Once you have finished registering, you will need to make a real money deposit on the site. Here are the deposit options that are currently available to customers from Canada, as well as the Minimum and Maximum deposit amounts:


No Fee, $10 CAD Minimum, $50,000 CAD Maximum


No Fee, $10 Minimum CAD, $50,000 CAD Maximum


No Fee, $20 CAD Minimum, $3,000 CAD Maximum


No Fee, $20 CAD Minimum, $20,000 CAD Maximum


No Fee, $1 CAD Minimum, $750 CAD Maximum


No Fee, $10 CAD Minimum, $1,000 CAD Maximum


No Fee, $20 CAD Minimum, $50,000 CAD Maximum

Bank Wire

No Fee, $75 CAD Minimum, $50,000 CAD Maximum


No Fee, $2,000 CAD Minimum, $50,000 CAD Maximum

Note: keep in mind that the size of your initial deposit determines the size of your bonus! This is a matching bonus, so please make your deposit count!

Note #2: If you have any issues with your deposit, please contact Bet365 at their Toll Free #: 1-866-273-0934

3) In order to clear your bonus, you will need to participate in real money games. The more you play, the faster you will earn your bonus. Bet365 gives you up to 60 days to earn as much of your bonus as possible - any bonus money earned during that time is yours to do with as you please.


Bet365 has been heavily involved in advertising in the Canadian Football League (CFL) and on various radio stations across Canada over the years. In addition, Peter Coates, one of Bet365's owners, owns Stoke City of the English Premier League.

Bet365 has a very solid foundation, as they have over 2,100 employees spread out over offices in the United Kingdom, Gibraltar and Australia. The company has customer support staff that can speak a wide variety of different languages, including Spanish, French and Portuguese.


Bet365 has over 14 million customers in nearly 200 countries. Jump on board and see what you have been missing at Bet365.